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Why Review Your Super?

Review Super Fees

Have you ever thought about how superannuation fund fees will effect your retirement savings over your lifetime? The difference between a low fee and a high fee super fund can be the difference between retiring comfortably and relying on the age pension. If invested in a high fee super fund, the average Australian would be over $300,000 worse off by the time they retire! These fees are taken out of your fund and can therefore have a detrimental impact on your retirement savings. Review My Super can make sure you’re in a low fee fund.

This graph shows the effect fees have on the typical balance of an individual earning the average income and invested in the average performing superannuation fund over a 40-year period. Here, you can see the difference between a fund with low fees (0.5%), moderate fees (1.5%) and high fees (2.5%).

Review Super Performance

Just like low fees, having a strong performing super fund is critical to achieving a self-funded retirement. Unfortunately, there is a massive variance in the performance of superannuation funds. Therefore, relying on the super fund that your employer set you up with is in all likelihood going to leave you shortchanged at retirement. See the graph for a comparison of the average income earner’s super fund invested from age 25 to 65 in a low, average and high performing superannuation fund. See the best super funds by performance.

This graph compares the balance of an individual earning the average income if invested in a low, medium or high performing fund. Here, you can see the difference between investing in an average performing (6.5%), a low performing (4.5%) or a high performing (8.5%) super fund, with moderate fees (1.5%), over a 40-year period.
Learn more about the average super balances by age.

Reason for changing super funds: Performance

Insurance Inside Your Super

Do you understand the insurance inside your Super? Review My Super can help you. These are the key things to be aware of:


Most people have insurance in their Super. In many cases this insurance was automatically allocated. This automatic approach often allocates inappropriate amounts of insurance.


If the worst were to happen to you, would you and your family be covered? Everybody’s circumstances are dierent. Choose cover that’s appropriate for you. Make sure it’s not costing you an arm and a leg.


Don’t just take the default cover! You can choose from the best Insurers to have in your super. Choose the cover and the insurer that’s best for you!

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