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BT Super for Life Performance: Returns to September 30 2021

Investment Option 1 Year 3 Year 5 Year
Active Defensive 7.42% 4.20% -
Median 7.40% 4.60% -
Active Defensive VS Median 0.02% -0.40% -
- - - -
Median - - -
VS Median - - -
Active Balanced 17.45% 6.91% -
Median 17.80% 7.90% -
Active Balanced VS Median -0.35% -0.99% -
Active Growth 21.19% 8.07% -
Median 22.10% 9.30% -
Active Growth VS Median -0.91% -1.23% -

BT Super for Life Fees

Investment Option Flat Fee Percentage Based Fee Fee Based on 50k
Active Defensive 108 0.97% $593
BT Super for Life - - -
Active Balanced 108 1.08% $648
Active Growth 108 1.11% $663

Asset Allocation


*Please note, this is not the default investment option for this fund.

Insurance Rating

0 /100

Fund Information

ABN: 763 002 916 458


Address: GPO Box 3958 Sydney NSW 2001

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About BT Super for Life

BT Super for Life is a retail super fund managed by BT Financial Group.
As of 30 June 2020 BT Super and BT Super for Life have over 570,000 members with $22 Billion in assets under management.
BT Super for Life’s Active Balanced investment option fees are above the median for funds on Review My Super for a balanced/MySuper risk profile.
BT Super for Life offers life, TPD and income protection insurance.
Omnilife have given BT an overall insurance rating of 61/100. However, ratings vary depending on the individual insured’s circumstances.

When Reviewing Super funds it’s a good idea to learn more about choosing a super fund. Consider the following:

Firstly, are you invested in the right risk profile? This is essentially the amount of risk you’re willing to take to achieve your desired investment return. High Growth investments will achieve the highest returns over the long run, and also carry the highest risk of loss in any one year. 

Secondly, what to do about the insurance in your super? Most funds will come with a default amount of insurance cover for instance. For some people this will be very insufficient and for others it will be too much, for example. Therefore, tailoring your cover to your own circumstances is key.

Thirdly, what are the different ways you can contribute to super? Understanding contributions like salary sacrifice and the government co-contribution can help you make the most of your super.

Fourthly, and most importantly, make sure you review BT Super for Life against other super funds under the ‘Fund Profiles’ tab and check out the top super funds, to see who the leaders are.

In addition, If you would like to speak to someone for some guidance when reviewing your super, then please fill in the ‘Speak To An Advisor’ form above and an advisor will be in touch to see how they can assist you.

In conclusion, understanding the key elements of super, conducting the appropriate research and seeking the best advice will help with choosing the best fund.

Frequently Asked Questions

BT Super’s Active Balanced and Active Growth options have under performed the median over 1 and 3 years and their Conservative option has had mixed performance compared with the median over this time frame. Due to a change of investment options, they do not yet have a 5 year performance history.
Fees are above the median compared with the median of funds listed on Review My Super.
Based on this evidence, you could certainly say the fund is not bad. However, we’d like to see a strong 5 year performance history and ideally a lowering of fees before confidently labeling BT Super for Life a good super fund.

Yes, BT Super for Life is an APRA fund.

No, BT Super for Life is not a self-managed super fund. It is regulated by APRA.

No, BT Super for Life is a retail fund.

BT Super for Life is owned by BT Financial Group, a subsidiary of Westpac Banking Corporation.

Yes, anyone can join BT Super for Life.

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