Did you know that you’re not stuck with the insurance policy that comes default with your super fund? Did you know that you can conduct a super insurance comparison across the market based on the cover you need, choose the best insurer for you, all without changing super funds? Read on and we’ll show you how to do this.

If you would like to understand more about the types of insurance that can be offered within superannuation, including life insurance in super, TPD insurance in Super and income protection insurance in super, you can read about them on our website.

What is a Super Insurance Comparison?

A super insurance comparison is a comparison of all the insurance offerings that are available through superannuation. There are several variations between different offerings, and a thorough comparison should represent premiums, benefits, features, and insurance types.

Use our comprehensive free tool that will help you effectively compare superannuation insurance. Our tool allows you to put in your preferences and receive a recommendation and a comprehensive report that outlines your options and how they stack up.

Our comparison tool rates various features of each superannuation’s insurance policy, including:

The features score rates various features of the policy including:

– The strength of the definitions of claimable events, which speaks to your ability to claim if you need to.

– The insurer’s history of paying claims.

– The average time it takes to pay claims.

Why Should You Compare Super Insurance?

The insurance in your superannuation can be a powerful tool to cover you in case of emergencies, but for people who need insurance cover, the level of cover that comes default in their fund is inadequate and what’s more, chances are it’s not competitive on price and quality. In some cases, people have needed a team of lawyers to get their claim paid.

If you are not confident in your level of cover, or the likelihood that your insurer will pay out then we highly recommend using our comparison tool. With a top-rated policy, you can be assured that you will be covered in those worst-case scenarios.

Most of us use comparison tools to make purchasing and financial decisions in all areas of our lives, from home goods to banks, and everything in between. Too many people overlook the importance of comparing your options for superannuation, and the insurance that you get within your fund, after all the difference between tailored high-quality cover and default coverage could mean the difference of hundreds and thousands of dollars for you and your family if you need to make a claim.

It’s important additionally to continue to compare the coverage that you have through your super as your life changes. Job changes, family commitments, and mortgages will all affect the level and type of cover that will give you safety and security in your life. The price and competitiveness of insurance within super also change over time, which is yet another reason why it’s important to do a super insurance comparison regularly.

How to Compare Your Super Insurance?

Super insurance comparison is a simple process with our tool. All you’ll need to do is enter relevant information, including your age, gender, occupation, and health factors. You will also be able to select the types of cover that you would like within your super.

A super insurance comparison tool is an important first step for deciding which insurance options within your super are right for you. Speaking to an advisor is ultimately the best and most personalised way to discover what’s right for you. If you are only beginning to explore insurance within superannuation an adviser will also help you understand your options and the potential value that insurance within your super can bring.

Compare The Best Insurance Through Super

Don’t settle for your super funds default Insurer! Compare super insurance from the best insurers in the market that can be held in super.

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