Digital Super Advice How It Works

Enter your personal details and your current Super Fund into the Digital Super Advice tool.

Select what you are looking to achieve from digital advice on your super.

Select or assess your risk tolerance for investments and your insurance requirements.

Submit and you will receive a tailored Statement of Advice, advising what we believe is the best fund, investment selection within the fund and insurance cover for you.


Digital Super Advice What You Need

✔ Your super fund name e.g. HOSTPLUS

✔ Investment option name e.g. Balanced MySuper

✔ Tax File Number

✔ Details of insurance cover through your super e.g. $104,000 of life & T.P.D and premium of $2.50 per week.

✔ Driver’s license or passport


Digital Super Advice Why Us

✔ We work for you:

We’re not owned or aligned with any super funds or insurers and do not receive conflicted remuneration.

✔ We consider the whole market:

We consider every super fund and insurance provider in the market to ensure you get the best advice for your needs.

✔ No pressure:

Read through our advice at your own pace. Contact us when you need to.

✔ Quality Advice:

All advice is provided by Foreman Financial Group a leading advice firm.

✔ Low cost:

Our efficient online delivery allows us to provide advice at a fraction the cost of traditional advice providers.

Digital Advice