Whether you’ve been in the same superannuation fund for years or are deciding to switch things up, regularly staying across how Australian superannuation funds perform can help you ensure that you are getting the best deal for yourself in the long-run.

Every month, we take a dive into how Australian superannuation funds have performed, examining the best and worst performing funds in Australia. Our comparisons examine balanced options from a range of 40 popular Australian super funds looking at year to date returns, as well as returns across a 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 year period. It’s important to note that past fund performance isn’t always an indicator of future performance.

Top 5 Performing Balanced Superannuation Funds in December 2021 (FYTD %)

Hostplus Personal – Balanced

Sunsuper for Life – Balanced

AustralianSuper – Balanced

Legalsuper – Balanced

TelstraSuper – MySuper Balanced

Best performing super funds in December 2021

Out of the 40 funds examined in December, Hostplus Personal Balanced fund performed well above the group median both in short and long term returns. The fund’s financial year to date returns were 6.74%, +2.31% above the group median of 4.43%. Over a 1 year period, the fund had returns of 19.08%, above the 12.96% average. Looking longer term, this fund had a 9.71% 7 year return, and a 10.65% 10 year return, above the respective 7.83% and 9.02% averages, making it the best superannuation fund by performance in December 2021.

Sunsuper for Life Balanced fund came in a close second when looking at best super funds in Australia in December 2021. FYTD returns were 5.81% when compared to the group median of 4.43%. 1 year returns performed particularly well at 16.47% compared to the median of 12.96%. 5, 7, and 10 year returns also all performed above the median of the funds examined.

When looking at funds that performed particularly well over a 10 year period, AustralianSuper’s balanced fund had an average return of 10.65%, making it a tie with Hostplus for this period. The fund also produced returns above the median across 1, 3, 5, and 7 year ranges. However while FYTD performance is above the median at 4.98%, this performance is moderate considering it is still outperformed by another 5 major Australian funds.

Legal Super’s balanced fund also performed well in December 2021, with FYTD returns +1.13% above the median. The fund outperformed the median across all years, with 1 year performance in particular excelling at 14.21%, +1.25% above the median.

Lastly, TelstraSuper was another top performer in December 2021. The fund’s balanced option delivered +1.02% above the median returns in the financial year to date with a FYTD % return of 5.45%. Over a 7 and 10 year period, the fund delivered

returns of 7.86% and 9.67% respectively, which were both above the average of the 40 funds examined.

When looking to determine the best fund for you, be sure to not only look at fund performance, but also consider factors like insurance, member benefits, and your risk profile. Review My Super can review every Super Fund in Australia and can help you understand what YOUR money is doing for YOU!

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