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Best Super Funds: Returns to 30 September 2021

Rank Fund Investment Option* Annual Return (%)
1 Hostplus 23.85 1 Year
2 REI Super 21.23 1 Year
3 Sunsuper 21.17 1 Year
4 MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals 20.10 1 Year
5 Telstra Super 20.00 1 Year
6 Asgard Elements 19.11 1 Year
7 Active Super 19.03 1 Year
8 TWU Super 18.95 1 Year
9 Statewide Super 18.90 1 Year
10 AustralianSuper 18.81 1 Year
1 Australian Ethical Super 10.00 3 Year
2 UniSuper 9.69 3 Year
3 Hostplus 9.38 3 Year
4 AustralianSuper 9.27 3 Year
5 Vision Super 8.93 3 Year
6 Sunsuper 8.78 3 Year
7 CBUS Super 8.63 3 Year
8 Future Super 8.10 3 Year
9 MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals 8.10 3 Year
10 Telstra Super 8.08 3 Year
1 Hostplus 10.32 5 Year
2 AustralianSuper 10.04 5 Year
3 Sunsuper 9.71 5 Year
4 UniSuper 9.57 5 Year
5 Vision Super 9.56 5 Year
6 CBUS Super 9.35 5 Year
7 Australian Ethical Super 9.00 5 Year
8 Statewide Super 8.97 5 Year
9 Media Super 8.96 5 Year
10 Care Super 8.76 5 Year

Best Super Funds in Australia by Performance

This table ranks the performance of ‘MySuper’ and ‘Balanced’ options over 1, 3 and 5 years

*Please note this page only ranks investment options listed in the “Fund Profiles” section of Review My Super, whose returns are reported to 30 September 2021.

Things to consider about returns data:

Past performance: This is not always a reliable indicator of future performance.

Risk Profile: You must be invested according to your risk profile. You need to consider how much risk you’re willing to take to achieve your desired return.

Other investment options in the fund: If a fund only has one good option for your risk profile and it starts under performing then you need to either change out of your risk profile or change out of the fund.

If you’re unsure whether your fund is a top performer or if there are better options out there for you then click Review My Super above to speak to an advisor.

Best Super Funds with the Lowest Fees

Fund NameFees based on 50K
UniSuper $321.00
QSuper $350.00
GESB Super $411.00
Vision Super $413.00
ANZ Smart Choice Super $430.00
Media Super $439.00
LUCRF Super $443.00
ING Living Super $445.00
Rest Super $448.00
AMP Flexible Super $450.84

Lowest Fee Super Funds

This table ranks the approximate fees paid on a balance of $50,000, for ‘MySuper’ and ‘Balanced’ options*

*Please note this page only ranks funds listed in the “Fund Profiles” section of Review My Super.

Factors that affect fees:

Risk Profile: Defensive investments tend to be lower in fees than Growth investments, so make sure you’re comparing funds of the same risk profile when comparing fees.

Number of investment options and flexibility: Funds with a wide array of options or that have special features such as allowing you to invest in direct equities, will likely charge higher fees.

If you’re unsure about how much you’re currently paying and what you should be paying in fees then click Review My Super above to speak to an advisor.


Best Super Funds by Insurance

Don’t settle for default insurance!

You can compare insurers and choose the best insurer for you to be funded via your super. Don’t just settle for default cover.

This table ranks the insurance rating* for funds listed in the “Fund Profiles” section of Review My Super.

*Data Source for these insurance ratings is Omnilife.

Insurers will differ depending on your age, gender, occupation, smoker status, medical history. It is always best to tailor your cover specifically to your needs and select the insurer that is best for you.

If you’re unsure about how much cover you should have or which Insurer is best for your needs then click Review My Super above to speak to an advisor.

Best Super Funds
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