AustralianSuper is the largest superannuation fund in Australia, with an estimated 2.5 million members nationwide. Founded in 2006 after the merger of the Australian Retirement Fund and the Superannuation Trust of Australia, this industry fund has long been one of the best super funds in Australia.

Review my Super has rounded up AustralianSuper’s performance as of September 2022 based on a range of investment options, so you can better make decisions about your superannuation investments. When reviewing funds, it’s always important to remember that past performance is not an indicator of future performance, and to seek advice from a qualified financial professional. You should always read the Product Disclosure Statement before making an investment decision.

AustralianSuper Balanced Fund Performance 2022

Looking at Australian Super Balanced fund performance for the month of September 2022, AustralianSuper performed above the median in all year returns. For 1 and 3 year periods, returns were above the median. 0.95% above median for 1 year returns (-4.75% vs -5.7%), and 0.99% above median for 3 year returns (4.69% vs 3.70%). The fund’s above median performance also extended to years 5, 7 and 10, with 5 year performance 1.31% higher than the median.

AustralianSuper High Growth Fund Performance 2022

AustralianSuper performance for high growth options was mixed, yet still managed to provide above median returns for most years. 1 year returns were just above the median (-3.93% vs -4.00%).  Over a 3 year period the fund returned 6.32% vs the median of 5.4%. Looking long-term, Australian Super’s high growth fund performed above the Australian median, with 5 year returns of 7.99% vs the median 6.90%.

AustralianSuper Conversative Fund Performance 2022

AustralianSuper’s Conversative Balanced fund had mixed performance results compared with Australian median super returns for conservative fund types as of September 2022. 1 year returns were lower than the median (-2.90% vs 2.60%). However, 3 and 5 year returns both outperformed the medians for conservative investment options 3.96% vs 3.30% and  5.51% vs 4.60% respectively.

AustralianSuper Socially Aware Fund Performance 2022

More and more, ethical investment options are becoming increasingly popular in Australia. Looking at AustralianSuper Socially Aware fund performance, it is most similar in risk tothe AustralianSuper balanced option, so let’s compare it with the balanced option to get an idea of the relative performance.
Over 1 year the Socially Aware option out performed the balanced option with returns of -3.30% vs -4.75%. Over 3 years the Socially Aware option under performed the balanced option with returns of 4.17% vs 4.69% respectively and also under performed over 5 years with returns of 5.86% for the Socially Aware option vs 6.81% for the balanced option.

For more of a deep dive into AustralianSuper’s performance, including  AustralianSuper fund fees, performance across all investment options, claims, and more, visit our dedicated AustralianSuper fund page. Review My Super can review every Super Fund in Australia and can help you understand what YOUR money is doing for YOU!

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